China International Bicycle Exhibition

In 2018, the China International Bicycle Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "China Exhibition") was held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) in from May 6th to 9th. With the theme of "the world of intelligence and sharing", the Chinese exhibition focuses on the forefront of the technological level and product quality of the bicycle industry, showing the unlimited possibilities of cycling as a city, for the health and entertainment of the people, and showing the new trend of high end, brand and internationalization of the development of the development of the bicycle. New achievements in driving, motorcycle intellectualization, lithium electrification, lightening and fashion.



The professional platform presents "Chinese power"

China is a big country and a big consumer of bicycle manufacturing in the world. In 2017, the country's bicycle output reached 88 million 300 thousand, the export volume reached 56 million 404 thousand, the export amount was 3 billion 110 million dollars, the output of electric bicycle reached 30 million 970 thousand, the export 7 million 301 thousand, the export amount of $1 billion 440 million.
The China exhibition has become an international bicycle show that many people in the world must visit. In order to meet the needs of the exhibitors, the number of China exhibition pavilions this year added 1 more on the last basis, 6 exhibition halls, and the layout of the exhibition hall has also been replanned. In addition to bicycle bikes, there are separate electric bicycles and motorcycle areas, children's bicycle area and outdoor riding area. The total scale of China's exhibition will increase to 180 thousand M, and the number of booths will reach 7500, all of which are at a record high.
Most of the exhibitors in China are from China, while 20% of them come from abroad. With the acceleration of the transformation and upgrading of China's bicycle industry and the rise of the independent brand of Chinese bicycles, the Chinese exhibition in the world is more capable of reflecting the "power of China" in the bicycle industry.

Colorful world into the world class

The China exhibition is also an important place for European and American high-end brands to enter the Chinese market and overseas professional audiences to seek Chinese partners. Every year, there are some new overseas exhibitors and new international brands.
For the first time this year, the British Clarks Cycle Systems, the first exhibitor, has been working on the innovation and manufacture of high quality bicycle parts for more than 60 years. KOLIKEN KFT, the first Hungarian company to be exhibited for the first time, became one of Hungary's largest bicycle manufacturers in 2010. Danish CeramicSpeed is also the first big company in the bicycle industry to provide high-quality ceramic bearings for the bicycle industry. In addition, there is another world-renowned bicycle brand founded in 1953, Austria KTM.

In the face of the coming of the "new national standard" in 2018, the industry is developing towards the trend of "intellectualization", "lithium electrification" and "light quantification", and is becoming more mature. It can be seen from the exhibitors in this exhibition. Tai Ling and Kai Chi (Benelli) bring the products that conform to the "new national standard" to Shanghai again. The Suzhou eight party Motor Technology Co., Ltd., which is led by export, unveiled many intelligent products to China to meet the market demand in the new era. In addition, the audience can also meet the famous domestic electric bicycle parts, such as Agni electric vehicle, Bao Dao electric vehicle, star electric bicycle parts, star power supply and so on.

Science and technology fashion motorcycle made a stunning appearance
Motorcycle exhibits for the first time in this China exhibition have expanded the strength of the two rounds of the fleet, which will surely give the audience a big feast. Today's motorcycles are not in the past: the supply system of non petrochemical energy, the more efficient and energy saving power engine, the more intelligent and accurate driving computer, the most new way of charging and switching... The motorcycle will be presented in a new way in Shanghai.

Honda technology research has made important progress in the development of high energy efficiency engine, battery drive and artificial intelligence. Taiwan Guangyang is committed to the research and development of intelligent interconnected cruise system to make commuter more efficient; Guangzhou San Ya, the lean high-power locomotive with the green planet as the enterprise development concept, carrying lithium electric power, is the representative of the lean power locomotive. The lean level of Guangdong motorcycle equipment manufacturing; Guangzhou San bell, which is a modular fast switching base station, has been put into trial operation in Pudong University City, Shanghai.

The pleasure of motorcycles is to enjoy speed and passion. The Chinese exhibition has set up more than 10000 foreign field activities in the North Square, allowing motorcycle enthusiasts to feel the rapid increase of adrenocorticosteroids brought by motorcycles. The multi brand stunt performance, the new product display, lets the Mo friends enjoy the big displacement engine's roar and the intense friction of the tire and the raceway; the splendid friends game and the rich car friend prize will push the atmosphere of the Chinese exhibition to the climax.

During the Chinese exhibition, the motorcycle industry summit will be held on the theme of "new era, new format and new retail". It will discuss the trend and trend of China's motorcycle industry in the new wave, take the most forward strategic ideas and research ideas, touch the real pulse of terminal consumption, and guide the whole motorcycle industry. The new round of motorcycle tide keeps healthy development.
Outdoor style shows the riding personality

Nowadays outdoor riding has become a normal life. Along with the development of this movement, outdoor equipment and equipment industry also ushered in new opportunities. In this exhibition, Shanghai international outdoor riding equipment exhibition is made up with a brand new appearance. The new stadium, new face and new trend have brought us a new experience of watching the exhibition. The re layout of venues has greatly facilitated exhibitors and spectators. Of course, the professionalism of outdoor exhibitions has also been greatly improved.
Internationalisation is an outdoor label